How to Fix Pairing Errors On Kodi 18

Kodi is a very popular media streaming software, where with the help of add-ons you can watch any video content, such as your favourite movies and TV shows for free by streaming it through giant video sharing and hosting sites such as OpenLoad, TheVideo, Streamango and FlashX.

These video sharing sites have their fair share of issues and errors to deal with, but the most common one being a popup that prevents you from accessing or playing any video content from their site because of Kodi Stream authorization error.

This can easily be solved by using the pairing method that involves Kodi and your web browser.


Simple Way to  Fixing Kodi Pairing Errors


  1. Start by opening the latest version of Kodi installed in your device.
  2. In the home screen of Kodi, select Video add-ons and then choose one of the popular video add-ons that you prefer to stream movies and TV Shows.
  3. Once you are done selecting any movie or tv show, navigate through all the available host sources till you find one with FlashX, then select it.
  4. Choose any video content from the addon, tv show or movie, and open it using one of the hosts from the following – FlashX, OpenLoad, TheVideo or Streamango.
  5. When you select one of the mentioned sources, you will get a pop up with a Kodi stream authorization error with the message “To play This Video Stream Authorization Is Required.” To fix this, use the Kodi pair method where you connect your device IP address with the host website.
  6. To use the Kodi pairing solution, you must first open your web browser with the latest version.
  7. Enter the website address link on your web browser required to pair with your preferred streaming service. For example, FlashX uses to pair with your IP address.
  8. Create an account in your streaming service pairing website by signing up.  Refrain from entering incorrect information and give your real email id and Country.
  9. After signing up in your streaming service website, look for a verification email sent in your email id and click on the link to verify your account.
  10. Click on the sign in option to login into your streaming service website once you have verified your account.
  11. Now go back to the main site to begin pairing.
  12. To start pairing complete any captchas required to verify that you are not a robot and click the Kodi pair button.
  13. Switch back to Kodi, and you will find a different pop up message  and it will tell you that the Kodi pairing process was completed successfully.
  14. Now you are free to watch any video content without any interruption since you have paired your device with the streaming service.


Final Words

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